BERG (Mountain) auf dem Crossing Europe


Am 23. April 2016 wird „BERG“ endlich Premiere haben. Ein Film von Ella Raidel, zu deren starken, wunderschönen Bildern ich Text und Stimme beisteuern durfte. Hier ist der Teaser:

BERG from Ella Raidel on Vimeo.

Crossing Europe Filmfestival (20. – 25. April 2016)
BERG: 23.04.2016, 18:00 Ursulinensaal
Filmgast anwesend / film guest present

Quoted from the official program: „BERG was created during a ten-day expedition with a self-built object on the lake Traunsee (Festival of the Regions). The mountain served as a platform for artistic collaborations, where the lake, its surroundings, and social interactions were explored together. The film is based on this journey, using texts, sounds, and performances resulting from it.“

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