Am 23. April 2016 wird „BERG“ endlich Premiere haben. Ein Film von Ella Raidel, zu deren starken, wunderschönen Bildern ich Text und Stimme beisteuern durfte. Hier ist der Teaser:

BERG from Ella Raidel on Vimeo.

Crossing Europe Filmfestival (20. – 25. April 2016)
BERG: 23.04.2016, 18:00 Ursulinensaal
Filmgast anwesend / film guest present

Quoted from the official program: „BERG was created during a ten-day expedition with a self-built object on the lake Traunsee (Festival of the Regions). The mountain served as a platform for artistic collaborations, where the lake, its surroundings, and social interactions were explored together. The film is based on this journey, using texts, sounds, and performances resulting from it.“